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Why Enervillas in Greece is the Perfect Family Getaway for Summer 2024

Planning your family vacation for Summer 2024? Enervillas in Greece is your idyllic destination, seamlessly blending eco-luxury with a world of adventure and culture. Located in the picturesque Gulf of Patras, Enervillas is more than just a vacation spot – it's a gateway to creating lasting memories in the heart of Greece.

Eco-Luxury Living:

At Enervillas, we redefine luxury with our Passive House Premium certified villas, where comfort meets sustainability. Imagine a home away from home in a spacious villa, complete with private gardens, pools, and BBQ areas – perfect for family gatherings in a serene setting.

Culinary Journey:

Greek cuisine is a feast of flavors, and at Enervillas, we bring this rich culinary heritage to you. Enjoy fresh pastries from Tsami Brothers Bakery, engage in Greek cooking classes, and savor meals made with ingredients from our organic garden. Local restaurants like Ano Alissos offer a taste of traditional Greek dishes in a charming ambiance.

Adventure and Leisure:

There’s no shortage of activities for the family. Explore the lush Strofylia Forest, relax at the pristine Kalogria Beach, or enjoy a fun day at Neropolis WaterPark. And that's just the beginning.

Cultural and Historic Exploration:

Enervillas is your gateway to ancient Greece. Embark on day trips to historic sites like Delphi, the Acropolis, or Epidaurus, immersing your family in the rich history and marvels of ancient Greek civilization. We can arrange these trips for you, ensuring a hassle-free and enlightening experience.

Wellness for Everyone:

Our wellness center is a haven of rejuvenation. While children engage in fun activities, adults can relax with yoga or enjoy treatments. Our mineral-rich private pools offer a unique wellness experience for all ages.

Nightlife and Entertainment:

Experience the vibrant Greek nightlife with visits to Xarama or the lively city of Patra. Whether you're looking for family-friendly entertainment or a taste of local nightlife, we've got you covered.

Convenience at Your Fingertips:

Every need is catered to, with supermarkets like Andrikopoulos and Sklavenitis nearby, and the Kato Achaia Hospital for peace of mind. We prioritize your comfort and convenience at every turn.


Enervillas isn't just a holiday spot; it's a comprehensive experience that combines luxury, culture, and adventure. For Summer 2024, choose Enervillas for a vacation where Greek heritage, natural beauty, and family bonding come together in perfect harmony. Book now for a journey filled with luxury, culture, nature, and memories that will last a lifetime.

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