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personalized Shuttle Services


At Enervillas, we're dedicated to making your holiday as comfortable and seamless as possible. Recognizing the challenges that can arise in foreign travel, we are proud to offer our in-house Shuttle Services for our guests. With the ability to accommodate groups of up to 15 persons, our shuttles ensure you and your loved ones travel together, fostering a collective experience right from the start.

Arranging transportation from the airport can be a daunting task. But, with Enervillas' shuttle services, we remove this stress by providing a convenient and reliable airport pick-up service. Simply share your flight details with us, and we'll be there to welcome you at the terminal, guiding you to your luxurious home away from home. We aim to minimize your travel worries and maximize your comfort, providing you a safe and smooth journey with reasonable costs.

But our shuttle service isn't just about transportation from the airport. We aspire to enhance your Greek holiday experience by taking you to must-visit destinations around our stunning location. Be it the serene Kalogria beach, the bustling Braxneika bars and restaurants, or the culturally-rich city of Patras, our shuttle service is at your disposal, ready to escort you to these exquisite locales.

We understand that each group of guests has unique needs and interests. That's why our shuttle service is flexible, ready to adapt to your group's itinerary. After a quick conversation to understand your preferences, we can create a personalized schedule for you, ensuring you witness the best of what our area has to offer.

At Enervillas, we believe that holidays should be about relaxation and exploration, not logistical headaches. Our shuttle service is a testament to that belief, aiming to provide you with a hassle-free, enjoyable travel experience throughout your stay with us. So, come, leave your transportation worries behind and let Enervillas be your guide in this beautiful Greek adventure.

- your dream vacation awaits -


Kato Alissos


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