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Enervillas: Leading the Green Revolution!

At Enervillas, we're thrilled to share some truly groundbreaking news with our wonderful community. 🎉

In 2023, we achieved something remarkable, thanks to our unwavering commitment to sustainability and our partnership with Anaptiksi, the pioneers of sustainable construction:

Zero Energy Costs: Enervillas, your eco-friendly retreat, designed and built by Anaptiksi, paid ZERO energy costs for our tourist accommodations throughout the entire year of 2023! Yes, you heard that right – zero energy bills!

✈️ 39248.24 Green Kilometers: But that's not all! With our two electric vehicles (EVs), we covered an astounding 39,248.24 kilometers powered by clean, green energy. That's a lot of emissions saved, contributing to a healthier planet!

🔌 Energy Report: Here's the breakdown:

  • Our photovoltaic (PV) system, generated an impressive 31,591.57 kWh of clean electricity.

  • Our total energy consumption for the year was 30,916.10 kWh. That means we not only met but exceeded our energy needs with our PV production.

  • Villa Nefeli AC consumed 2,600 kWh, and Villa Anna AC consumed 1,145.49 kWh in 2023.

🌞 Energy Plus: Enervillas, designed and built by Anaptiksi, isn't just energy-efficient; it's an energy producer! We're not just meeting standards; we're setting new ones.

💡 EU2030 Energy Code: Enervillas is proud to be in full compliance with the EU2030 Energy Code for Buildings. This means we're not only providing you with luxurious, eco-conscious accommodations but also shaping a greener future.

🏡 Accommodation Needs: Enervillas comprises two villas, each with 250 sq. meters of space, totaling 500 sq. meters. You'll also enjoy two pools, each with 100 sq. meters of water (that's 200 sq. meters in total). Our 2000 sq. meter plot includes lush gardens, trees, and vibrant grass that rely on a water pumping system from the earth.

🌍 Enervillas is not just a place to stay; it's an experience, a commitment to a healthier planet, and a promise of luxury in harmony with nature.

So here's to a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future. Thank you for being a part of the Enervillas family! 💚🏡🌿

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